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About us

Tradiax GmbH is a global acting trading company based in Germany. The company sources and distributes high-quality special-use chemicals with the main focus on products for emission reduction.

As a specialist on the market and one of the leading suppliers of Automotive Grade Urea, the company supplies the full package when it comes to Nox reduction by SCR systems. From production units for urea solutions and the related raw materials, over all kinds of various packagings of finished products like AdBlue/DEF to a wide portfolio of extraction equipment…
Tradiax has everything it needs to cover our customers demands.

Global Activities

With a perfect fitting network of experts from all important parts of the business, we satisfy customers on every continent.

Our team of purchasing experts, sales agents and logistics professionals provides best service and purchases and delivers needed products to key points in our customers‘ supply chain with rapid execution. Our structure with specialists around the globe makes us nearly as local as a domestic company in many countries and emerging markets.

Our Partners

Tradiax is collaborating with some of the biggest global producers of agrochemicals and additionally with key-players on the packaging and equipement market.

They support us with their outstanding knowledge, experience and high-volume production output day by day. This support enables us to ensure our high-quality standards and a constant and stable supply. In combination with our global network, these partnerships allow us to find the right solution to every customers‘ request.

Company Vision

Our company vision is to combine sustainable economical and social acting with nature protection, always based on a fair and reliable behaviour towards our business partners