UREASOL Production units for Urea solutions UREASOL dissolving units for AdBlue®/DEF production enable small and mid-size companies to become independent producers of SCR-related urea solutions. Independence can be so easy… start your own Dissolving unit for AdBlue®/DEF production By being modular designed, our plants allow diverse options of customizing to produce each plant to your […]

Automotive Grade Urea (46%N)

Automotive Grade Urea (46%N) aka SCR-, DEF-, AdBlue-, or Technical Urea Automotive Grade Urea is a special, uncoated version of highest purity. It is a main component of urea solutions like AdBlue® or AUS40/45 which are used within SCR-systems for the reason of NOx reduction. Prill by Prill … the right choice. Automotive Grade Urea […]

AdBlue® (aka DEF/AUS32/ARLA32)

AdBlue® aka DEF/AUS32/ARLA32 AdBlue® is a non-toxic aqueous urea solution of highest purity, whose quality specifications are defined by the ISO 22241 norm. As a means of reduction within SCR-systems of diesel operating vehicles it reduces the harmful NOx levels by 80-90%. There are many ways to make diesel vehicles greener… AdBlue® is the easiest… […]